Advanced Skincare

Backed by Science

OUR SKINCAREResearch Based Functional Ingredients

Our products are formulated by Skin Gene Rx’s Medical and Naturopathic team from
Executive Health Centre, Leaders in Precision Medicine.

No Parabens. No Silicones. No Chemical Preservatives.

Your Skin Genes Rx™ journey begins with an understanding of your genetics. To learn what risk factors you have around your skin health and receive personalized and targeted skincare just for your specific needs.

For those who want the best science has to offer. Researched, fact-based skincare.


YOUR GENETICS BASED SKINCARE SOLUTIONSOur approach to skincare begins with a cheek swab to DETECT your genetics risk factors for premature aging, dehydration, inflammation, glycation and oxidative injury.


Foundational Products

Fundamental skincare we all need, day and night, to PREVENT skin damage and maintain our daily requirements for hydration and anti-aging nutrients

  • Base Cream
  • NightFx Mask

Supportive Products

Essential skincare containing bioactive ingredients to TREAT skin damage and enhance healing and repair, creating more youthful and healthier skin

  • AgingFx Serum
  • HydrationFx Oil
  • SunFx Cream

Specialized Products

Prescribed skincare, recommended by your skin professional, based on your skin genetics risk factors to REVERSE cellular skin damage

  • SensitivityFx Serum
  • WrinklesFx Serum
  • FirmingFx Cream


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