Skin Genes Rx

Leveraging Precision Medicine


Skincare has now entered a new era.

The principles that have led to the rise of Precision Medicine can now be used to elevate skin health and wellness.

In fact, when you DECODE your skin’s DNA, we can better RECODE it to becoming healthier and more beautiful.

Skin Genes Rx™ is a scientific approach to skincare based on these genetics insights.

It begins with an understanding of your skin DNA and this is accomplished by discovering what risk factors your skin holds. Sensitive to sunlight? Prone to develop aging spots and freckles? Have premature skin aging due to oxidative stress? Vulnerable to dryness, inflammation or poor elasticity? Trouble absorbing dietary nutrients that support healthy skin?”

By understanding your skin’s DNA findings, we can interpret your genetics report and customize a personalized skincare and dietary program just for you.

Skin Genes Rx™ scientifically restores your skin’s health and beauty, from the inside out.



Elaine Chin, MD, MBA

THE SKIN GENES Rx STORYDr. Elaine Chin's Journey in Skincare

The Beginning

Almost 25 years ago, I landed in the skincare industry because my girlfriends wanted a physician to help them launch a professional skincare line from the US. “Why not?”, I said, “It should be fun!”

Little did I know that during those first few years, it was a decade of skincare that was unprecedented in new technological development. We went from nurturing steam, extractions and facials to AHA and BHA skin peels, laser treatments and medicated skin products with vitamins.

I’d famously declare in my training sessions to estheticians and dermatologists,” Why do a facial when you can do a medicated one that has impact?”

A New Chapter

L’Oreal came along and bought out our rights for the BioMedic Clinical Care line we were distributing in Canada.  Our team decided to formulate our own skincare line and named it Biophora. Today, it continues to thrive in the marketplace under the direction of my former business partners.

Around 2007, it seemed like the right time to move forward. The med-spa industry was beginning to behave like a grab bag of products and services that I felt was becoming disingenuous.  There were so many anti-aging claims that were far-fetched, and the consumer was getting very confused.

I didn’t abandon the health consumer but rather doubled down to develop my clinical practice at Executive Health Centre with a team of holistic practitioners and began to offer personalized healthcare. We curate and leverage the best in Precision Medicine, by understanding genetics, hormones, nutrients and specialized biomarkers to prevent and predict the early onset of worrisome medical conditions.

The Timeline

Circa 1995

BioMedic Clinical Care

Circa 2002



Circa 2019

SkinGenes Rx

Returning to the Skincare World

Since I left the skincare world almost 25 years ago, many of the ground-breaking skin treatments and methodologies I was involved in, are now mainstream and available over the counter.

It’s now time to share my expertise on the advances in personalized healthcare and apply it to skincare.

Let’s appreciate how precision medicine can help us develop the best skincare regimen possible for those who want the best science has to offer.

About Elaine Chin, M.D., M.B.A.Trailblazer of Precision Medicine

Elaine Chin, MD, MBA is a North American trailblazer of personalized medicine and her goal is to educate people on how to stay healthier longer.

Dr. Chin is the founder of  Executive Health Centre, a premiere Precision Medicine practice in Toronto. Most recently, she has developed a virtual health care offering, Health-in-a-Box which includes as Patient Health Record (MyWellnessFile.ca) as part of Innovation Health Group Inc.

She was the Chief Wellness Officer at TELUS Communications. Her primary focus has been to deliver world class wellness programs to Canadians.

Dr. Chin received her medical degree from the University of Toronto, Canada and her MBA from the same university’s Rotman School of Management.

She is the author of “Lifelines – Unlocking the Secret of Your Telomeres for a Longer, Healthier Life”, on Globe and Mail’s Top 10 Best Seller List.

In January 2018, she joined the Good Housekeeping Magazine team, as their health and wellness medical consultant, to lead the development of their Wellness Lab at Good Housekeeping Institute (Good Housekeeping “Seal of Approval” reviews) in New York City.

Dr. Chin is a regular health contributor to CityLine Show segment, “East Meets West”.

Visit: www.drelainechin.com


Our Founding Company

Trailblazers in Health Innovation

We’re always looking forward, always deploying new scientific discoveries to arm you with knowledge and give you power over your total health. Using groundbreaking diagnostics, innovative technology, and guidance from expert health coaches, good health is truly, and finally within our control.

Global Leaders in Precision Medicine

Executive Health Centre continues to lead the way in integrating health professionals as well. We do this by supporting their patient’s holistic approach to health care. Little wonder our team has been heralded for introducing a more positive and effective approach to personalized medicine.

Visit us: www.ExecutiveHealthCentre.com

Virtual Healthcare

Leveraging Precision Medicine Testing Kits

Health-in-a-Box comes to you from global experts in personalized preventative medicine who founded Executive Health Centre. We deliver a virtual health offering used by health consumers and professionals alike to take advantage of point of care diagnostics that are proactive and actionable.

Democratizing Access to Personalized Medicine

State-of-the-art technology enables our model of delivery to happen. It’s a place where health consumers meet health professionals using video conferencing to collaboratively develop a holistic action plan to improve your health, based on insightful information just about you. This is personalized medicine, enabled by a unique our wellness platform – My Wellness File.

Visit us: www.healthinabox.com


MyWellness File

Personalized Connected Health

My Wellness File’s patient-centric wellness ecosystem equips you with your health information. Our ecosystem enables you to connect with a network of diverse health and wellness professionals, collaborating to monitor and develop personalized health action plans to manage your health everyday.

Powered by Patients

Fueled by you, the patient, My Wellness File gives you the ability to access your health information that is useful, accurate, and relevant, all in one place. It connects you virtually or in-person, with the best-in-class health professionals to choose from to deliver personalized care and coaching.

Delivered by Professionals

My Wellness File equips all health professionals, including physicians, naturopathic doctors, osteopathic doctors, nutritionists, chiropractors, fitness trainers and lifestyle coaches with the ability to access a platform to become holistic personal healthcare practitioners.